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Males AS offering professional and comprehensive building works both internally and externally. We have a rich knowledge based on many years of experience within the construction industry. We have modern equipment that enables fast and professional work. Males AS consider each assignment individually. We ensure professional assistance at all stages, namely the need for different room layouts or selection and purchase of materials. We perform our work with proven, professional building materials. We provide services to both individual and business clients. In our photo gallery there is a selection of completed assignments. By choosing our company, you will get a guarantee of quality and punctuality of assignments executed by us.


Males AS provide comprehensive and professional restoration service of wooden and upholstered furniture. We will make even the most damaged piece of furniture regain its former glory.


Males AS perform carpentry services both to individual and group customers. Many years of experience and our in-house comprehensive processing of materials lets us deliver to you goods of the best quality.


Wall patching and plastering are often indispensable in order to level off uneven surfaces. It is often the last stage before the walls are painted. Patching is also indispensable when cardboard panels are used.


For finishing works in the apartment an experienced craftsman should be hired, who alongside his manual skills and aesthetic sense will have both professional tools and competent expertise.


We will advise you how to make your kitchen remarkably functional and tailored to your needs. Males AS use materials of the highest quality.


Painting only superficially appears to be a simple activity. To avoid errors and enjoy the best results and craftsmanship please choose an experienced company to paint the facade and walls for you. Visit us!

Arbeidet har blitt utført innenfor avtalte tidsrammer og etter gjeldene krav. Gjennomføringen av arbeidet har foregått med god orden og godt renhold.

Iver Backe

Oppussing på huset mitt har gått veldig raskt og nøyaktig. Kontakten med renoveringsfirma var meget positiv og uproblematisk.

Trond Haug

Allerede etter en først dag var det klart, at denne arbeidstokken hadde mangeårig erfaring og det resulterte i hurtig gjennomføring samt ypperste kvalitet.

Marit Anfinsen

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